Deployable REST Enabled Data Pipelines with Flask, Docker, Kedro

The newest video is out! In this one, I show off how to create REST APIs for your kedro pipelines using Flask, and I also show you how to deploy them using docker!

Thanks to @sebastianbertoli and @NeurlAP for the video recommendation!


Ahahah! This is the new frontier of on-demand video tutorials - I am quite impressed how quick you are in making them. Looking forward to watch it in the coming days! :slight_smile:


@DataEngineerOne You are very cool. The way you explained the complex things with that much ease :fire: . :+1: for Thumbnail, :+1: for background music , :+1: for almost everything in the video :heart:


This is awesome.

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Loved this video! @DataEngineerOne made me want to use Kedro! I do have a question about implementing the solution in the video using the FastAPI framework. I know that Flask is based WSGI and which is synchronous and FastAPI follows ASGI which is asynchronous. The following code did work in Flask and did not in FastAPI. Any ideas why?

from kedro.framework.session import KedroSession
with KedroSession.create(<package name>) as session:
    context = session.load_context()

Hi Guys, anybody have the github files to test it? dockerfile, requirements. tks for this initiative