How can I pass variables from CLI to data catalog while using TemplatedConfigLoader?

Hi, this is my first query in any community, so I beg your pardon in advance for any mistake. I am using kedro in our projects and I was not being able to pass date dynamically using kedro cli (basically using shell).

   type: ...
   filepath: "..../${any_date}"
any_date: "2021-06-01" #for default
    def register_config_loader(
        self, conf_paths: Iterable[str], env: str, extra_params: Dict[str, Any]
    ) -> TemplatedConfigLoader:
        config = TemplatedConfigLoader(
            conf_paths, globals_pattern="parameters/*_global.yml",
        self.catalog = config.get("catalog*", "catalog*/**")
        self.params = config.get("parameters*", "parameters*/**")
        return config

These are the settings, runs in other cases perfectly except when I run something like the following cli command:

kedro run some_pipeline --params any_date:"2021-06-03"

It does not pass the params to the catalog (and kedro docs specifically said these cli params will be available in nodes, and indeed they are).

Is there a way to make it work in this way?

What are the other cases that you can run successfully?

FYR the community has move to github issue and discord

Other cases such as when I use the params inside a node, It works fine.

node(lambda x:print(x), "params: any_date",None)

this node works and gets the new date inside the node. Currently, I am dynamically creating datasets inside the projects for passing the date corresponding to the runtime (as it serves my purpose for now).