How do you install kedro

I may have derailed the original intent of this issue, but here is a related issue.

The kedro cli comes with an install command for the project, but I must already have kedro installed in order to run it. Previous to kedro 0.17.0 I have used a quite customized project template and never touched the install command. I have always just done a pip install -e . in my projects.

I think many of the hacks that my template contains has been covered in various ways and I would like to be a bit closer to how the examples operate. One of the things that I really like with kedro install command is that it uses pip-compile. I really like the idea of having a file and a fully pinned requirements.txt file.

Do you?

  • pip install -e .
  • python install
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • kedro install

If you use kedro install how do you get kedro and ensure that your kedro version matches the project.