Idea: Gallery of Kedro templates?

Hi everyone!

I was looking through the galleries of Streamlit and Dash and I was thinking that having such a thing for Kedro could be quite cool.
Off the top of my head, the idea would be to have a gallery of Kedro projects built using Sphinx-Gallery with the following characteristics:

I think having such a gallery could be a really cool way to provide an open source platform where users can share their pipelines and then others can search for a particular pipeline that meets their needs (for instance a pipeline that uses APIDataSet or BioSequenceDataSet) and download that code locally.
If sphinx-gallery were to be used, it could be integrated into Kedro’s current readthedocs documentation. However, I dont know how users could afterwards easily add their work to the gallery without having to notify the Kedro team to add their pipeline to the documentation. Ideally, there would be a Kedro-Sharing platform similar to Streamlit Sharing.

What do you guys think? Would this be something useful? Any inputs? Anyone thought of implementing something similar?


This sounds like a fantastic idea. There already exists a “gallery” of starters, but nothing I am aware of for finished/example projects.

There is a kedro-community and awesome kedro github repos that get closer, but not quite what you are asking for.

hey @waylonwalker ,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I didnt know of the kedro-community github page. Thanks for pointing this out. As I dont see a gallery bringing that much more added value compared to this github page, i will not pursue this idea any further. Thanks :slight_smile: