Kedro Context Not Loading Even after %reload_kedro


I’ve launched the kedro jupyter lab sessing via: kedro jupyter lab

Made sure that the notebook I am using is connected to the kedro session.

I get the following error:

UsageError: Line magic function %reload_kedro not found.

However I can run the entire pipeline with kedro run

Any tips?

Which Kedro version are you using and which directory are you running the command from?

I’m using 0.17 and running the command from inside a jupyter notebook in the kedro project

Can I suggest you try something:

  • Generate a brand new Kedro project with kedro new
  • Overwrite the content of .ipython/profile_default/startup/ in your current project with the content in that project or at least compare them and see if there is any difference?

Let me know if that works. Doing kedro jupyter lab on a fresh Kedro project works for me and %reload_kedro works fine.

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