Kedro 'run' command error

I have the following error everytime I excute the 'kedro run ’ command

kedro.framework.context.context.KedroContextError: Expected an instance of ConfigLoader, got NoneType instead.

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What version of kedro are you using and if it’s >0.16.5, what does your file look like?

What did you do to fix your problem? I have the exact same error message when trying to load the context config_loader. If not, do you know what change you made which caused the error to occur?

See here: Expected an instance of `ConfigLoader`, got `NoneType` instead - #2 by Yy_S

When I dug into the issue, it seems that the Problem arises prior to hooking.

I think the Issue is that the logger is being Initialized prior to the hooks, but the logger requires hooks. Boom.

I am fairly new to Kedro, so I might be very wrong :slight_smile:

p.s. great videos, like the content :+1: