Save values parameters.yml from Jupyter Notebook?


Sorry if this is a dumb question: but I’m wondering if I could write to parameters.yaml from inside a Kedro Jupyter Notebook?

You see, I’m tuning hyper parameters within a notebook and I would love to be able to save the best configuration right to parameters.yaml.

I guess I could copy and past it directly, but thought it would be worth an ask.



Hi, there is no functionality for this out of the box yet, but you can initialise a YAML dataset and write to the parameters.yml file directly: kedro.extras.datasets.yaml.yaml_dataset — Kedro 0.17.0 documentation – or you can use the underlying yaml library to do the same programmatically.


Hi @Harper_Singhson,
I am under the same situation with what you mentioned above.
How have you resolved this, i.e. overwriting yaml file directly by editing, using replacing parameters as a table, or something like that ?

I would be great if you can share your resolution with us! Thank you!

Why not make it a dataset instead of parameters?

In my case, it seems easier to manage and share the values among stakeholders than making a dataset :thought_balloon:

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That’s fair, its hard to relate without the full context of your project.

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