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We are a collection of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Data Enthusiasts who are trying to bring the world better data pipelines using Kedro. Here you can find questions, answers, theory, showcases, tutorials, plugins, and all things related to Kedro.

Join the fun; Pipeline the Planet!

What is Kedro?

Kedro is an open-source data pipeline writing framework, create by QuantumBlack, that exists to help assist in writing better data pipelines. It’s a complete data pipelining solution that only requires you to fill in the blanks of what data you want to transform, and how you want to transform it.

Used globally at hundreds of organizations, Kedro is fast becoming a global leader in data pipeline tools. If you love kedro, too, stick around and hang out!

What is up with the Layer badge thing?

In reference to Kedro’s Data Engineering Convention, users are added to a “Layer” corresponding to their Discourse trust level. This is a fun way to keep track of who is new and old, and as you progress through the layers, more perks are awarded to you! Lookup Discourse trust to find out more.

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