Where did kedro get its name?

Perhaps this is a question for @yetudada? An idle curiosity, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the answer, before. :slight_smile:

What I know about this one is that Kedro is greek for Core, perhaps the core of the Earth. And it relates to Kedro being the core of your data pipelines.

No idea how it got the name, though. I would love to hear more about it too :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha you got me there! :stuck_out_tongue:
I think Kedro is ancient greek, to be honest. But fair play!

Can we find an ancient greek translator now? I think my name is from the ancient greek too. It would be a whole new level of fun to play with that!

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I see, then it got to be in FAQ @yetudada

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I forgot to answer this :laughing: There was a long process! Over 100 names were generated by the Kedro team.

Then we had to assess them based on:

  • Availability
  • Length
  • Ease of spelling
  • Ease of pronunciation
  • Relevance to the project
  • Coolness

Only 5 remained, and then Kedro was chosen as the most “available” name by our Legal team, meaning that we didn’t steal someone else’s trademark by accident.